Introducing ReMilk…100% fresh Aussie milk with 50% LESS sugar*, MORE protein and lactose free.

Milk Reimagined Rebalanced ReMilk

Our natural, cold filtration process simply rebalances the sugar, fat and protein levels in the milk, giving you more of what you need & less of what you don’t

  • 100% Fresh Aussie Milk
  • Naturally Cold filtered
  • 50% LESS sugar
  • MORE protein
  • Lactose FREE
  • Same great taste!

ReMilk FAQ

What size does Rokeby Farms ReMilk come in?

Rokeby Farms ReMilk is available in a 1L carton and contains 4 x 250ml serves. Our carton is the worlds first renewable carton, made from plant-based materials that are fully recyclable and support our local farmers.

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Is ReMilk pasteurised?

Yes, we are required by law to pasteurise our milk to make it safe to consume.

How is Rokeby Farms ReMilk so high in protein?

ReMilk is made from fresh milk and contains no added protein. This means ReMilk naturally has the same balance of whey and casein proteins as regular milk but much more protein per serve. To achieve this, we use a cold filtration process to concentrate the protein by filtering out some of the water. Our process effectively concentrates the protein. There are no spray-drying or chemicals techniques used in our process which you may encounter in products made with added milk or protein powders. The result is, you will enjoy a fresher tasting, creamier product without the chalky taste.

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How much sugar does Rokeby Farms ReMilk contain?

ReMilk Full Cream and ReMilk Light contain 2.3g of sugar per 100ml, which is naturally occurring from the milk and not added. Regular full cream and low fat milk contain approximately 4.6g of sugar per 100ml.

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Are there any allergens in ReMilk?

Yes, ReMilk contains milk from cows.

Is Rokeby Farms ReMilk gluten free?

Yes, Rokeby Farms ReMilk is gluten free.

Is Rokeby Farms ReMilk lactose free?

Yes, the naturally occurring lactose is first lowered by passing it through a series of filters. A lactase enzyme is then added which naturally converts the remaining lactose to the more digestible sugars, glucose and galactose. According to Australian food regulations for a food/beverage to claim it is lactose-free it contains no traceable amount of lactose.

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