Introducing Whole Protein Quark Yoghurt… made the authentic Swedish way with fresh cold-filtered milk and naturally rich in up to 17 grams of protein per pot

  • High protein
  • High calcium
  • Thick and creamy
  • Low fat
  • Live cultures

Our Quark Yoghurt is made the authentic Swedish way with fresh milk sourced from Gippsland. We culture our milk at lower temperature for longer to create a quark yoghurt that is naturally rich in protein and mild in flavour. Our unique cold filtration process increases the natural protein by three times giving our yoghurt a thick and creamy texture at only 1% fat.

Quark Yoghurt FAQ

Who is Quark Yoghurt best suited to?

Our Quark Yoghurt is healthy, everyday yoghurt that can be enjoyed by any health conscious consumer. It is suited to anyone looking to increase their protein and calcium intake including teenagers, sports people and the elderly. Our products are also suited to people who enjoy flavoured yoghurts but are conscious of their sugar intake – our flavoured yoghurts contain 30-50% less than other flavoured yoghurt products.

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Is Rokeby Farms Quark Yoghurt Low-GI?

Our range of Rokeby Farms Quark Yoghurts have not been specifically tested for their GI levels however milk and yoghurt is well regarded as a low GI source food (<30).

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Is Rokeby Farms Quark Yoghurt good for you?

Our Rokeby Farms Quark Yoghurt is an excellent source of natural protein and calcium. In fact, each 170g pot of our Natural quark yoghurt contains 17g of protein which is one-third of your daily protein needs and over half your recommended daily intake of calcium.

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Is Rokeby Farms Quark Yoghurt better for you than other yoghurts?

Most natural yoghurt products are considered healthy considering they are a convenient natural source of protein and calcium. When comparing the nutritional profile of Rokeby Farms Quark Yoghurt to other yoghurts, including other high protein yoghurts such as Greek style yoghurt, it generally has a higher protein and calcium level than all other products and contains a lower amount of fat and natural sugar (lactose).

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Is Quark Yoghurt safe for children to consume?

Yes our yoghurt is safe for children to consume as they would consume any other regular yoghurt. It is rich in protein and calcium which is great for growing children and teenagers and our flavoured varieties contain 30-50% less sugar than other flavoured yoghurt products. As always, if you are unsure then best to speak with your doctor or health care professional who will always be able to assess the individual needs of you or your children.

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Is Rokeby Farms Quark Yoghurt gluten free?

Yes, our range of Quark Yoghurts are gluten free and have been appropriately tested.

Does Rokeby Farms Quark Yoghurt contain any allergens?

Yes, our Quark Yoghurt is made with fresh cow’s milk so not suited for people who are allergic or sensitive to dairy.

What is the shelf life of your yoghurts?

The shelf life is 35 days from date of manufacture when kept refrigerated 1-4⁰C

Is your Quark Yoghurt safe to consume while pregnant?

Our Rokeby Farms Quark Yoghurt is made with pasteurised milk as any normal yoghurt is made so it is safe for pregnant women to consume, however it needs to be chilled at all times in the fridge below 4ºC so please ensure to keep safely in the fridge. The natural protein and calcium content is much higher than regular yoghurt so you should check with your doctor to ensure the nutritional profile is suitable for your own nutrition needs.

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How do I store Rokeby Farms Quark Yoghurt?

Rokeby Farms Quark Yoghurt is made using fresh milk so our products need to be kept refrigerated at all times (1-4dC).

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