Introducing Whole Protein Smoothies… made with fresh cold-filtered milk and naturally contains 30 grams of farm-fresh protein.

A “whole protein” provides all nine essential amino acids which your body needs but can’t produce on its own, so it must be supplied daily from food.

Protein is essential for the building and recovery of muscle tissue and organs. Research has also shown that eating a protein-rich breakfast can help stimulate and sustain a feeling of fullness and set the tone for your day.

  • High protein
  • High calcium
  • Fresh milk
  • Low fat
  • Low lactose
  • No powders
    or soy

Protein Smoothies FAQ

How are the Rokeby Farms Protein Smoothies low in lactose?

Lactose is the naturally occurring carbohydrate (as sugar) found in milk. To help digest lactose your body contains the enzyme lactase however some people have difficulty digesting the enzyme which makes low-lactose or lactose-free products a potential option. The most common way to reduce lactose enzyme in products is to add lactase enzyme (similar name, but different) which naturally converts the lactose into more easily digestible carbohydrates (glucose and galactose). According to Australian food regulations, food/beverages that claim to be low lactose must contain no more than 2g per 100g, and for a food/beverage to claim it is lactose-free it contain no traceable amount of lactose.

Here at Rokeby Farms, our approach to reducing lactose is slightly different – our unique cold filtration process (which we use to increase the natural protein level in the milk) starts by completely removing (not converting) some of the naturally occurring lactose from the milk. We then add lactase enzyme to help convert some of the remaining lactose left in the milk. Our Rokeby Farms smoothies are not lactose-free but are low-lactose and may be able to be enjoyed by people who are sensitive to lactose.

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Is the milk used homogenised in Rokeby Farms products?

Yes, we homogenize all of the milk that goes into making our Rokeby Farms dairy products to ensure a consistent taste and texture. Homogenization is purely a physical process, and doesn’t involve anything being added to our milk. Without homogenization, the milk would separate and the natural cream component would rise to the top of the milk, forming a layer.

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How are the Rokeby Farms Protein Smoothies so high in protein?

Rokeby Farms is made from fresh milk and contains no added protein. So our milk naturally has the same balance of whey and casein proteins as regular milk, only twice as much protein per serve (30 grams per bottle). To achieve this, we use a cold filtration process to concentrate the protein by filtering some of the water out from the milk. We actually use 2 litres of fresh milk to create 1 litre of Rokeby Farms milk. So we are not adding protein, we are simply concentrating it. There is no spray-drying or chemicals used in our process which you might encounter in products made with added milk or protein powders. And, you will enjoy a fresher tasting, creamier product without the chalky taste.

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How does Rokeby Protein Smoothies contain only ‘fresh’ protein?

The answer to your question is actually the key difference in Rokeby Farms and what sets us apart from other high protein beverages that are made with added protein powders. Rokeby Farms is made with fresh milk which contains double the protein of regular milk and does not contain added protein. To achieve this, we use a cold filtration process to increase the naturally occurring protein and remove some of the water in the milk. In fact, we need around 2 litres of milk to make 1 litre of our high protein fresh milk. So we are not adding protein, we are simply concentrating it. There is no spray-drying or chemicals used in our process which you might encounter in products made with added powders. And, you will enjoy a fresh and creamy tasting product without the chalky texture sometimes associated with high protein beverages.

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Do Rokeby Farms Protein Smoothies contain added sugar?

Rokeby Farms offer some varieties with no added sugar and some that do contain a small amount of added sugar which is added for taste and consistency.

What is carrageenan? Why do you use it in your Protein Smoothies?

Carrageenan is used to stabilise the proteins in our product. When the protein content is high the product ordinarily may not be stable i.e. it may separate leaving lumps which are undesirable. If you look at any high protein dairy drink, they all contain stabilisers for this reason.

Carrageenan is a natural ingredient made from seaweed and in our opinion the best of the numerous hydrocolloid stabilisers used. While you may have read some negative feedback online regarding carrageenan, there is also evidence to suggest these comments are inaccurate. These comments also relate to a specific type called degraded carrageenan which is not approved for use in foods and not the type used in Rokeby Farms products. We use undegraded carrageenan which is approved for safe consumption by Food Standards Australia & New Zealand (FSANZ) and other bodies globally including US FDA.

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Is the milk used pasteurised in your Protein Smoothies?

Yes we use pasteurised milk to make our Rokeby Farms Protein Smoothies. In fact, we are required by law to pasteurise our milk to make it safe to consume.

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