Healthy eating Post isolation

Wholegrain toast with tomatoes

By the look of the shelves in the supermarket and the photos on social media, it seems cooking has been a favourite pass time while we have been self isolating at home. Here’s hoping it has developed healthy eating habits that will continue, as we start to return to our new ‘normal’ routines.

Will the nourishing breakfast you have been whipping up, home prepared lunches and the ability to get dinner on the table routines survive? If you didn’t achieve this no need to fear, you can start and if you did, they can continue.

Steps to a healthy eating routine

1. First step is to remind yourself that you and your health are a priority.
2. Then be curious (not judgmental if things haven’t gone so well) about what has worked well and why in social isolation. What will need to be done to keep this healthy eating routine on track (or get started)? Jot it down.
3. Planning will be key. My favourite saying is- ‘Make the healthy choices the easy choices’. Developing shopping habits for now and the long term.
4. Shopping list and a shopping time scheduled in your diary – it can be online shopping or going to the shop to buy
5. On the list be sure to include the foods you want yourself to eat- surrounding yourself with nourishing foods means you are more likely to eat them!
6. Prepare ahead of time e.g. cut up fruit in the morning for later in the day, cook extra at dinner time for the next night or prepare the veg, salad or extra for lunch the following day
7. Spread the load- get the household involved to cook, prep, shop, wash up
8. Kids love to chop, arrange fruit, wash salads, mix, stir and choose a recipe to cook for dinner
9. Use partly prepared foods that help make preparation quicker such as a mix of frozen, canned and fresh vegetables, prewashed and chopped bags of salad, jar pastes (watch the salt).
10. Make cooking fun, put on some music, cook with family and friends (in person or while they are cooking also online!)

Start with a nourishing breakfast

Morning routines may have been a little more relaxed with no commute time. Getting ready to get out the door on time may find you neglecting breakfast, but stop, remember, breakfast you fueled you and often sees people making better food choices throughout the day, so let’s make time and enjoy it.

The good news is there are plenty of quick, healthy breakfasts, which also suit for those who prefer to eat breakfast a little later maybe around morning tea time.

Breakfast ideas

1. Wholegrain cereals with Rokeby Farms Probiotic, Filmjolk and fresh fruit
2. Can of baked beans with a sprinkle of tasty cheese
3. Smoothie. Try almond or peanut butter, a frozen banana, Rokeby Farms banana Breakfast Smoothie. This will be delicious morning milkshake!
4. Porridge with milk, prunes, cinnamon and at the end topped with Rokeby Farms Probiotic Filmjolk
5. Bircher muesli using Rokeby Farms Probiotic Filmjolk. Make a big batch, enough for a few days Here is a great recipe
6. Wholegrain toast topped with tasty cheese, ricotta or cottage cheese with fresh tomato, basil and cracked black pepper
7. Sour dough rye toast with eggs, avocado, rocket and extra virgin olive oil.
8. Wholegrain English muffin with nut butter, sliced banana and any seeds (with a drizzle of honey for the sweet tooth’s)
9. Savoury muffins. Make a batch and freezes so you can rotate them over different days. You can add corn, zucchini, sun dried tomatoes, olives and Rokeby Farms Probiotic Filmjolk works well in them too.
10. A mixed ‘combo’ container. A quick breakfast to have on the go. Throw in a handful of trail mix, add in cherry tomatoes, olives, cut up apple, a few wholegrain crackers and if you have done a workout boost your protein intake and pour yourself a glass of your favourite flavour of Rokeby Farms Breakfast Smoothie.

Once you have breakfast down pat, I am confident you will conquer the rest of the day!

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